Big Blue Bike was established in 2010 by Ben Allen as Cardiff’s first bicycle courier specialising in large loads, delivered in an environmentally friendly way.

Big Blue Bike has a passion for cycling and is committed to providing a professional and efficient service to businesses, helping them to effectively reduce CO2 emissions.

Big Blue Bike is a fully insured CHAS registered contractor and is recognised as part of Cardiff’ Council’s Sustainable Travel City initiative.

The Bikes

The bicycles we ride are specially designed as cargo bikes in countries where thousands of tonnes of freight are moved each year by bicycle.

Larry vs Harry
Designed in Denmark by an ex courier this bike is light, streamlined but strong at the same time. Carries up to 6 x A4 boxes and a weight of 100kg. This bicycle is a real head turner and is perfect for advertising on.

Big Blue Bike is a part of the European Cycle Logistics Federation which promotes the use of cargo bicycles in moving goods in cities and urban areas. To read more about this please visit the ECF website.

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